• Lawyers for Life

    Matthew McCord has built The McCord Law Firm, LLC on one principle: that each and every client deserves the kind of high quality service and care that builds lifelong relationships.

    At The McCord Law Firm, we work hard to find creative and effective solutions to the legal questions that face our clients.  When you choose The McCord Law Firm to represent you in your legal matter, we will be flexible and responsive to your needs – you will never have a phone call or email go unreturned. Additionally, we offer the option of alternative fee payment schedules for many of our services.

  • Stay in Business

    Some days, it just seems the world is out to get you. Whether starting your first business ever or still in business after all these years, there are numerous legal challenges you will face every step of the way. Having the proper legal partner to help can make all the difference in the world.

    At The McCord Law Firm, we do more than create contracts and file paperwork. We advise, consult, and guide you and your business past many of the potential pitfalls and problems that catch so many others. Don’t be a target, stay on target!

  • Retire the Right Way

    Don’t put off the future until the future. Whether preparing for retirement, saving for your family’s future, or investing for the unknown, we will work closely with you to develop a unique, personalized plan that will protect and ensure your finances today and tomorrow.

    From estate planning to probate administration, The McCord Law Firm can help you manage your financial security and put you on the right path. Stop waiting for the future to happen and take control of it today!


I don't know where we'd be today without The McCord Law Firm! Attorney Matthew McCord has not only helped us work through the legal issues we've encountered as a start up, but has become integral to our business and success. I highly recommend The McCord Law Firm for any start up looking for a legal partner that will do more than the minimum required for an hourly fee. Worth every penny and more!
Nathan Phillips
Brushfire Industries CEO