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For those who want to take on the world of parenting by welcoming a child into their home through adoption, it is a beautiful journey. However, with adoption comes uncertainty that can often cause stress and anxiety throughout the process. At The McCord Law Firm, LLC we will assist families with international or domestic adoption, including relative or step-parent adoptions, agency adoptions, and adoption from foster care. We represent families in both contested and uncontested adoption matters throughout South Carolina. Our goal is to assist you every step of the way to help minimize the stress and anxiety associated with the adoption process.

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What to Expect from Different Forms of Adoption

Domestic Adoption

A domestic adoption is generally considered to be one that is within the United States. In this case, the child and adoptive parents may already have a family connection, or the adoption may be handled through a third party agency.

We assist in the following areas:

Newborn Adoptions

Older Child Adoption

In-State Adoption

Out-Of-State Adoption

Special Needs Adoption

Stepparent and Grandparent Adoption

Stepparent Adoption

A stepparent adoption is one in which a parent’s new spouse adopts a child that the parent had with a previous partner. The process can be much less complex than many other forms of adoption, especially if the other birth parent consents to the adoption. However, if the other birth parent cannot be located or refuses to consent to the adoption, the process is more complex.

Relative Adoption

A relative adoption is one in which a member of the child’s family steps forward to adopt the child. Grandparents will often adopt their grandchildren if their parents are unable to care for them for any reason, or if they pass away while the children are still minors. In most states, these adoptions are easier than non-relative adoptions.

Agency Adoption

An agency adoption is one in which a child is placed with adoptive parents by a public or private agency within the United States. Public agencies usually place children who have become wards of the state for reasons such as orphanage, abandonment, or abuse while private agencies are often run by charities or social service organizations. Children placed through private agencies are usually brought to the agency by parent(s) who have or are expecting a child for which they want to develop an adoption plan. Agencies are helpful in that they provide resources to birth mothers and adoptive parents and help facilitate the process.

International Adoption

International Adoption involves adopting a child from a country outside of the United States, and it usually requires the help of an international adoption agency. International adoption often involves different legal considerations than domestic adoption since it deals with the laws of more than one nation.

International Adoption often involves many different legal considerations, and can oftentimes be a complicated and lengthy process. However, if you’re thinking about adopting from a country outside of the United States, The McCord Law Firm, LLC will help you navigate the process.

Adoption from Foster Care

Children adopted through a state agency (such as the Department of Social Services) have been removed from their biological families for reasons that may include abuse or neglect. Many times these children spend time in temporary family care situations, or foster families. Often children are available to be adopted when the biological parents have had their parental rights terminated.

Even in cases in which you are working through a public or private agency, you will need an attorney to represent you through the legal aspects of the adoption. We will guide you through this step in the adoptive journey.

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