Probate Administration

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When a loved one passes away, the assistance of a compassionate, competent attorney will prove to be invaluable for the necessary probate administration. In the probate process, the instructions outlined in the will are determined and an executor or personal representative for the estate is named. The South Carolina Probate Court system then examines the rights of heirs, creditors, or any other person who has a claim on the estate. Once this has been completed, the assets will be distributed according to a person’s will. If a person has passed away without a will, the Probate court will make each of these determinations in accordance with South Carolina state law. The McCord Law Firm can help you through this often technical and complex process to achieve the proper distribution of your loved one’s property and assets to his or her beneficiaries, as well as the resolution of any claims against the estate.

Probate Administration Attorney

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